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t.]   ANTECEDENTS.   51

when an undergraduate at Oxford, having gained the Latin university prize.

Third generation.--l0 males and 13 females, of whom 2 males deserve mention:-(1) Sir William Vernon Harcourt, M.P., lately solicitorgeneral, professor of international law at Cambridge, well known as a political writer under the name " Historicus " ; (2) Augustus G. Vernon Harcourt, F.R.S., a distinguished chemist, Lee's reader in chemistry at Oxford.

HILL.-The characteristics of this family are, active interest in social improvement, power of organization, mechanical aptitude, and general sterling worth. Its type in the second generation seems to have been unusually pure.

First generation. -Thomas Wright Hill, descended from stanch Independents, and married to a wife of equal vigour and fortitude, who came from a family noted for mechanical aptitude, which she transmitted to her descendants. He rose by his own exertions, and (eet. 40) established a school, much spoken of at the time, on an entirely new principle of management at Hazel-