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i.]   ANTECEDENTS   49

in 1768, and much distinguished by the personal friendship of Mr. Pitt. Among his 10 male first cousins on the paternal side were the late Lord Justice Turner and his accomplished brothers.

Second generation.-2 males and 6 females. The latter were all remarkable for their energy, accomplishments, and the large share they took in the literary labour of their father and husbands, which was not confined to transcribing. Three were accomplished artists, one a musician, another well versed in Greek.

Third generation.-Of those above the age of 30 there are 5 males and 3 females, of whom 4 males deserve mention .-(1) Dr. Joseph Hooker, president of the Royal Society, very eminent botanist, director of Kew Gardens, and formerly Tibetan traveller, and naturalist to an antarctic expedition ; his father was Sir William Hooker, F.R.S., also one of the first botanists of his day, and director of Kew Gardens ; (2) Francis Palgrave, editor of the " Golden Treasury," scholar and art critic ; (3) Gifford Palgrave, orientalist, Arabian explorer, and author of one of the most remarkable works of travel ever written ; (4) R. H.