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Art of Travel.

One side of the ordinary conical tents (fig. 1), of a front view of fig. 5, and of pyramidal tents (fig. 6), are represented


Fig. 1.   Fig. 2.

by the line A B c. Those that have a " fall " (fig. 2), by the lines c D L F. Gipsy-tents, as described p. 161, umbrella-tents

Fig. 3.

(fig. 4), and Jourts, p. 157, by the lines G H B K. Marquees (fig. 3), and a side view of fig. 5, by G L B M.

Notwithstanding the great height and width of conical tents,
compared to the others, we see by the diagram that they afford
scanty space at the level of
the head of a seated person.
There is a recent contrivance
by Major Rhodes, to be seen
at Silver and Co.'s, that is a
modification of' the gipsy
tent. Among ordinary, well
nown tents, I believe none
will satisfy the varied wants

of a traveller so well as

fig, 4.

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