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Tents.   155

weight it will be possible to carry, it must be borne in mind that the tent will become far heavier than it is found to be in the peculiarly dry atmosphere of a tent-maker's show-room. It is very convenient that a tent should admit of being pitched in more than one form : for instance, that one side should open and form an awning in hot weather ; also, that it should be easy to attach flys or awning to the tent to increase its available size during the daytime. All tents should be provided with strong covers, for pack-ropes are sure to fray whatever they press against ; and it is better that the cover should suffer than the tent itself.

Comparative Size of Tents.-The annexed diagram will show the points on which the roominess of a tent mainly depends.

A man wants space to sit at a table, and also to get at his luggage in order either to pack it or to unpack it; lastly, he wants a reasonable amount of standing room. A fair-sized tent ought to include the figures drawn in the diagram ; and I have indicated, by lines and shaded spaces, the section of various descriptions of tents that would be just sufficient to embrace them.