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Artistic parents will be Non-Artistic, and the remainder of 17 per cent. will be Artistic. Observation gives the* values of 79 and 21, which is a very fair coincidence.

When one parent is Artistic and the other Not, their joint hereditary influence would be the average of the above two cases ; that is to say, 2 (40 + 83), or 612 per cent. of their children would be Non-Artistic, and 2 (60 + 17), or 382, would be Artistic. The observed numbers are 61 and 39, which agree excellently well. .

We may therefore conclude that the same law of Regression, and all that depends upon it, which governs the inheritance both of Stature and Eye-colour, applies equally to the Artistic Faculty.

Effect of Bias in Marriage.-The slight apparent disinclination of the Artistic and the Non-Artistic to marry in their own caste, is hardly worth regarding, but it is right to clearly understand the extreme effect that might be occasioned by Bias in Marriage. Suppose the attraction of like to like to become paramount, so that each individual in a Scheme married his or her nearest available neighbour, then the Scheme of MidParents would be practically identical with the. Scheme drawn from the individual members of the population. In the case of Stature their Q would be 1.7 inch, instead of 1.7 divided by %/2. The regression and subsequent dispersion remaining unchanged, the Q of the offspring would consequently be increased.

On the other hand, suppose the attraction of contrast