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value in the form of {(P + 1.4)-0'36}, or {C - 0.36}.

Table 8 shows that the Deviation of-0.36 is found at the Grade of 400. Consequently 40 per cent. of this Co-Fraternity will be Non-Artistic and 60 per cent. will be Artistic. Observation Table 23 shows the numbers to be 36 and 64, which is a very happy agreement.

Next as regards the Non-Artistic Parents. The NonArtistic portion of the Population occupy the 70 first Grades in the Art-Scheme, and may be divided into two groups ; one consisting of 40 Grades, and standing between the Grades of 70° and 30°, or between the Grade of 50° and 20 Grades on, either side of it, the average Art-measure of whom is P ; the other group standing below 30°, whose average measure maybe taken to be P - 1.71, for the same reason that the group above 70 was taken as P + 1.71. Consequently the average measure of the entire Nan-Artistic class is

-2~ {(4.0 x P) + 30 (P - 1.71)}

=P-flx 1.71 =P-0.73.

Supposing Mid-Parents of this measure, to represent the entire Non-Artistic group, their offspring will be a CoFraternity having for their M the value of P-{3 x 0.73) or P - 0.49, which we will call C', and for their Q the value of 0.88 as before.

Such among them as exceed {P - 0.78}, which we may write in the form of {(P - 0.49) + (1.27)}, or {C' + 1.27}, are Artistic, and they are those who, according to Table 8, rank higher than the Grade 83°. In other words, 83 per cent. of the children of Non