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the general Population, we arrive at a general equation that is true for all degrees of Kinship ; namely

r2 +f2 -=p2   (1)

but r, the curvature in rank, is a regressed value of p, and may be written wp, w being the value of the Regression. Therefore the above equation may be put in the form of

w2p2 + f2=p2   (2)

in which f is the Q of the Co-kinsmen in the given degree.

It will be found that the intersection of the surfaces of the Squadrons by a horizontal plane, whose height is equal to P, forms in each case a line, whose general inclination to the ranks of A increases as the Kinship becomes more remote, until it becomes a right angle in Z. The progressive change of inclination is shown in the small squares drawn at the base of Fig. 13, in which the lines are the projections of contours drawn on the upper surfaces of the Squadrons, to correspond with the multiples there stated of values of p.

It will be understood from the front views of the four different Squadrons, which form the upper part of Fig. 13, how the Mid-Statures of the kinsmen to the Men in each of the files of A, gradually become more mediocre in the successive stages of kinship until they all reach absolute mediocrity in Z. This figure affords an excellent diagramatic representation, true to scale, of the action of the law of Regression in Descent. I should like to have given in addition, a perspective view of the Squadrons, but failed to draw them