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average from P, only one-third as much as the- man himself. This value of I is four and a half times smaller than the numerical converse of 3, since 41-, or P being multiplied into , is equal to -.

c. Parental: As a Mid-Parental deviation is equal to one-half of the two Parental deviations, it follows that the Mid-Parental Regression must be equal to one-half of the sum of the two Parental Regressions. As the latter are equal to one another it follows that all three must have the same value. In other words, the average Mid-Parental Regression being -t, the average Parental Regression must be - also.

As there was much appearance of paradox in the above strongly contrasted results, I looked carefully into the run of the figures in Table 11. They were deduced, as already said, from a MS. chart on which the stature of every Son and the transmuted Stature of every Daughter is entered opposite to that of the MidParent, the transmuted Statures being reckoned to the nearest tenth of an inch, and the position of the other entries being in every respect exactly as they were recorded. Then the number of entries in each square inch were counted, and copied in the form in which they appear in the Table. I found it hard at first to catch the full significance of the entries, though I soon discovered curious and apparently very interesting relations between them. ' These came out distinctly after I had "smoothed" the entries by writing at each intersection between a horizontal line and a ver-