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afterwards substituted, because the data seemed to admit of that interpretation also, in which case the fraction of two-thirds was preferable as being the more simple expression. I am now inclined to think the latter may be a trifle too small, but it is not worth while to make alterations until a new, larger, and more accurate series of observations can be discussed, and the whole work revised. The present doubt only ranges between nine-fifteenths in the first case and tenfifteenths in the second.

This value of two-thirds will therefore be accepted as the amount of Regression, on the average of many cases, from the Mid-Parental to the Mid-Filial stature, whatever the Mid-Parental stature may be.

As the two Parents contribute equally, the contribution of either of them can be only one half of that of the two jointly ; in other words, only one half of that of the Mid-Parent. Therefore the average Regression from the Parental to the Mid-Filial Stature must be the one half of two-thirds, or one-third. I am unable to test this conclusion in a satisfactory manner by direct observation. The data are barely numerous enough for dealing even with questions referring to Mid-Parentages ; they are quite insufficient to deal with those that involve the additional large uncertainty introduced owing to an ignorance of the Stature of one of the parents. I have entered the Uni-Parental and the Filial data on a MS. chart, each in its appropriate place, but they are too scattered and irregular to make it useful to give