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variations in stature among Brothers. I circulated cards of inquiry among trusted correspondents, stating that I wanted records of the heights of brothers who were more than 24 and less than 60 years of age ; that it was not necessary to send the statures of all of the brothers of the same family, but only of as many of them as could be easily and accurately measured, and that the height of even two brothers would be acceptable. The blank forms sent to be filled, were ruled vertically in three parallel columns (a) family name of each set of brothers ; (b) order of birth in each set ; (c) height without shoes, in feet and inches. A place was reserved at the bottom for the name and address of the sender. The circle of inquirers widened, but I was satisfied when I had obtained returns of 295 families, containing in the aggregate 783 brothers, some few of whom also appear in the R.F.F. data. Though these two sets of returns overlap to a trifling extent, they are practically independent. I look upon the " Special Observations " as being quite as trustworthy as could be expected in any such returns. They bear every internal test that I can apply to them in a very satisfactory manner. The measures are commonly recorded to quarter or half inches.

pleasures at my Anthropometric Laboratory.-A third set of data have been incidentally of service. They are the large lists of measures, nearly 10,000 in number, made at my Anthropometric Laboratory in the International Health Exhibition of 1884.

4. Experiments on Sweet Peas.-The last of the data