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has been entered in the Table for the purpose of illustration, while its small size makes it all the more intelligible.

The fourth column of the Table headed " Percentages of " Sums from the beginning," is pictorially translated into Fig. 2, and the third column headed " Percentages " of "No. of cases observed," into Fig. 3. The scale of

lbs. is given at the side of both Figs.: and the compartments a to g, that are shaded with broken lines, have the same meaning in both, but they are differently disposed in the two Figs.. We will now consider Fig. 2 only, which is the one that principally concerns us. The percentages in the last column of Table I. have been marked off on the bottom line of Fig. 2, where they are called (centesimal) Grades. The number of lbs. found in the first column of the Table determines