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250   ENGLISH MEN OF SCIENCE.   [carer.

memory was th~e test of all knowledge. No doubt, in some things, such as languages, precise knowledge of words is essential, and therefore I refer to my own special defect in saying this."

(26) " My school work was too predominantly classical, and nearly everything was taught on authority.'

(27) "Persistence in giving me no holiday, and overstraining my memory when I was very young."

(28) "My principal regret is that I was unable to pursue the study of mathematics. "

(29) " Mathematics were not pushed far enough ; natural science was left to the boys themselves."

(30) " My boyhood was utterly wasted, and the efforts of my manhood have not sufficed, and never will suffice, to repair the loss."

(31) "Omission of all subjects excepting the classics, but particularly [faulty] in the want of intellectual training."