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iv.]   EDUCATION.   2=19

(20) "Not allowing my mind to follow its natural bias."

(21) "Neglect of many subjects for the attainment of one or two ; not pushing mathematics to a useful end."

(22) "Not enough liberty ; put back by too much grounding at Cambridge."

(23) " At school the classical education, viz., construing, parsing and learning grammatical rules, was not to my taste. At Oxford I wasted much time, having little sympathy with the university pursuits and habits."

(24) " Having so exclusively devoted myself to mathematics at Cambridge."

(25) " The classical teaching was said to be good, but I did not assimilate it. Perhaps my mental peculiarities and my special inaptitude to commit words to memory would have rendered most education, such as it was when I was a boy, ineffectual for much good. The main defect for me certainly was that precise verbal