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to collections made by my father and mother. (7) I was encouraged by the example of an elder brother.

Zoology.-(9) (The example of my father and elder brothers, who were all pretty firm to field sports, was also followed by me, and from field sports to field natural history is but a step). (15) Largely inherited from my father. I was in a general atmosphere of scientific thinking and discussion. (21) I may have derived [? inherited] the tendency from my mother ; I belonged to an industrious family, and saw every one working. (1) [Traditionally derived, and] inherited from my father's family [i.e. from father, grandfather, &c.] (6) My father had no scientific knowledge, nevertheless he encouraged me. (7) I trace it to the love of truth and of mental cultivation in my father, and to his encouragement of this love in his children. (11) That I inherited a strong love of nature from my father is certain, who was devoted to horticulture and very fond of birds. (16) Their origin was due, beyond all doubt, to my