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men, commanders, or statesmen, or, still more, of divines.

Physics and Mathematics.-(10) The origin of my interest in . . . . is mainly due to my father's knowledge of geology, navigation, and engineering. (11) Primarily derived [both by education and inheritance] from my father.

Chemistry.-(3) Permission to carry on little experiments at home, in a room set apart for the purpose   Subsequently residing abroad and my mother making a home for me there. (4) I was taught at home with my brothers ; we had always the example of industry, and were encouraged to think for ourselves. (8) My father gave me [some books on chemistry, and] I owe to my mother a child's curiosity and afterward a man's reverence for scientific truth. (11) My tastes received no encouragement whatever from relations, my mother excepted.

Geology.-(1) My father and an aunt collected specimens. (4) 1 was indebted in a high degree