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professional study. (23) To the profession of medicine [in physiology, anatomy and . . . .] (24) Subsequently to my desire to investigate certain subjects bearing on [my profession of ] medicine.

Botany.-(7) Never took up botany to any extent till the professorship was vacant. [There is some conflict of testimony here.]

Medical Science.-(1) Partly to my profession. (2) I selected the medical profession because it was that of my father ; this choice led me to scientific pursuits. (3) I did not follow my own branch from any special liking-indeed, I rather disliked it, but it was necessary to earn a livelihood and to follow some branch. (6) My addiction to medicine was purely the result of accident : I never gave a thought to physic as a subject of study, until I was 27 years old. (7) Accidental to medicine.

Statistics.-(2) Due to official employment when young, in a very important statistical inquiry.