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attended specially to physics till appointed professor of natural philosophy. This induced me to give up chemistry, and to devote myself


definitively to physics. (9) Solitary observing

for years [as director of an observatory].


Professional duties and civil engineering . .

.   . ;

official exploration of . . . . (14) Largely determined by service in north polar and equatorial expeditions. (15) My interest in astronomy was very small indeed, until I was appointed [to the directorship of an observatory].

Chemistry.-(8) The university inviting me to fill the chair of . . . , gave my work its bent.


Zoology.-(1) Largely determined by being appointed . . . . (10) Partly by my selection of medicine as a profession (13) My appointment to a surveying ship made me a comparative anatomist    that to . . . . forced me to paleontology. (17), First began to concentrate energies to one branch, when appointed . . . . (18) [My scientific tastes] were determined by