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produce them n my early surroundings. (5) From an early age I had an innate taste for all branches of science.

Geology.-At least 7 out of 8 cases. (1) Decidedly innate. (2) A natural taste for observing and generalizing, developed. (3) A natural taste ; my interest in science began very early.

(4) I believe I may say innate to a very considerable extent. (5) I was always fond of natural history. (6) As well as I can recollect, they were innate. (7) I believe the desire for information and habits of observation to be in great measure innate.

Zoology.-18 cases out of 24. (1) [Yes.] Inherited from my father's family. (2) Certainly innate. (3) Love of observation and natural history innate. (4) Homology innate. (5) I believe I inherited my general taste for scientific pursuits. (6) Thoroughly innate. bones and shells were attractive to me before I could consider them with any apparent profit. (7) Innate love of nature and observation of natural phenomena. (8) 1 should say innate ;