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they date from childhood. (2) As far back as I can remember, I loved Nature and desired to learn her secrets. (3) Always attracted by men of ability. (4) From an early age I was addicted to mechanical pursuits ; then to chemistry. (5) Naturally fond of mechanics and physical science. (6) My tastes were partly natural, partly encouraged. (7) I remember [incidents which proved an innate taste] before I could write. (8) I had an innate wish for miscellaneous information. (11) Primarily derived [both by inheritance and education] from my father. (16) I always regarded mathematics as the method of obtaining both the most useful and the most harmonious, &c. (17) My taste for mathematics appears innate ; as a boy I delighted in sums. (18) An early taste for arithmetic, and in particular for long division sums.

Chemistry.-5 cases out of 11. (1) Thoroughly innate. (2) Perhaps wholly innate. (3) I was always observing and inquiring. (4) They date from a very early period, and there was little to