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(2) " Decidedly innate. The science of . . . was well taught at the university of    where I studied, a? t. 16-18, and accidentally this became serviceable to me when employed as an engineer by . . . . The friendship of . . . . ma

terially affected my career. My tastes were not largely developed by events occurring after manhood." (a, b, d, f )

(3) " Family tradition derived through my mother's side. My profession fell in with my natural tastes, such as sketching." (c, d, e)

(4) " Innate, I think, as regards certain qualities of mind, which led rrme, under the pressure of circumstances, to direct my attention to certain things in a certain way, namely, (1) independence of judgment ; (2) earnestness of purpose ; (3) a practical, clear-headed, common sense, logical way of viewing things." (c, d)

(5) "I cannot say whether they were innate. I was always brought up in a half-scientific, halfliterary atmosphere, and was a fair mathematician as a boy, as well as a fair classic and