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tics, to all of which, but especially to the last, I paid delighted attention. I presently began to construct apparatus for myself. Subsequently practice in teaching led me to seek for knowledge. Intercourse with men of higher attainments became a great spur ; my turn for . .. . was favoured by my opportunities as an early member of the . . . . Society." (a, e, f)

(6) " Professor . . . . 's lectures on geology were the origin of my interest in that science ; the work of the . . . . statistical society in educational inquiries influenced my taste for statistical science ; frequent attendance at meetings of the British Association encouraged my scientific tastes.". (d, g)


(1) " If any tastes be innate, mine were ; they date from beyond my recollection. They were not determined by events after manhood, but, I think the reverse ; they were discouraged in every way." (a)