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abundant opportunities for indulging my taste, though, of course, I was not allowed to keep half the number of 'pets' I should have liked. The example of my father and elder brothers, who were all pretty firm to field sports, was also followed by me, and from field sports to field natural history is but a step. I obtained, by a piece of sheer good luck, the travelling fellowship of . . . ; it was tenable for nine years, and its income was sufficient to keep me during that time without being obliged to enter any profession. Though circumstances subsequently interfered with my using this assistance to the most advantage, in gratifying my taste for natural history, it was enormously furthered thereby." (a, b, c, e)

(10) " My partiality for the natural history sciences was initiated partly by my selection of medicine as a profession, and perhaps even more that, during the period of my apprenticeship, I was much under the influence of a remarkable man . . . , a most accomplished naturalist and of singularly independent judgment .. . For