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money freely for books and specimens, against the advice of friends ; but he was indulgent generally, and not in the scientific direction only." (a, e)

(7) " Innate, as far as a love of nature and of the observation of natural phenomena. I trace the origin of my interest in science to the love of truth and of mental cultivation in my father, and his encouragement of this love in his children. I do not think it was largely determined by events after manhood." (a, e)

(8) "I should say innate. I caught at all scraps of lessons for self-improvement. My soon-developed enthusiasm must have been derived from my mother's family. As to whether they were largely developed by events occurring after manhood, I think not. All I can say is, that neither profession nor marriage nor sickness has been able to affect them." (a, e)

(9) " I cannot recollect the time when I was not fond of animals, and of knowing all I could learn about them. Living in the country, I had