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sequent determining events were my residing abroad, and my mother making a home for me there." (a, b, e)

(4) " They date from a very early period, and there was little to produce them in my early surroundings. As a small boy I was fond of reading books bearing on natural science. I was taught at home with my brothers, and was partially self-taught also. We had always the example of industry, and were encouraged to think for ourselves. I first studied chemistry at . . . . College." (a, e)

(5) " From an early age I had an innate taste for all branches of natural science. As a boy, I made large collections of dried plants, minerals, beetles, butterflies, stuffed birds, &c. At . . . . I studied without regard to future profession for two years, and only took up chemistry as a special study on my third year's residence there." (a, c)

(6) " I cannot trace the origin. I began to study chemistry act. 18, and pursued it at such