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(1) "Thoroughly innate. My first taste for chemistry dates from the possession of a chemical box, when I was a little boy. Whenever I had a chance of turning from other studies to natural science, I always turned. I liked play better than all other work, and chemistry better than play." (a, b)

(2) " Perhaps wholly innate. My first notions of chemistry were picked up from books, and I got the nickname of ` experimentalizer' at school. My taste for zoology arose through friendship with . . . . My tastes were largely determined by three years' voluntary work at chemistry, under Dr   " (a, f )

(3) "I was always observing and inquiring, and this disposition was never checked nor ridiculed in my childhood. My taste for chemistry dates from the lectures I attended as a boy, and

to the permission to carry on little experiments at home in a room set apart for the purpose. I was encouraged in my tastes at home. Sub-