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systematic scientific education, in the company of . . . . and others. Forced back into professional life, special scientific inquiry has not been possible ; but I have had opportunities of aiding the progress of science, which I have endeavoured to make the best of." (a, d, f, h)

(14) "Largely determined by my service in north polar and equatorial expeditions." (d, h)

(15) " I am not aware of any innate taste for science. I can only remember in boyhood the influence of the Philosophical Society of . . . . and of a juvenile philosophical society in which

I took interest. My interest in astronomy, especially, was very small indeed, until I was appointed [to the directorship of an observatory]." (d)

Mathematical Subsection.

(16) " I always regarded mathematics as the method of obtaining the best shapes and dimensions of things ; and this meant not only the most useful and economical, but chiefly the most harmonious and the most beautiful   I was