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cary's phial, &c. , I was then about 12 years old. My grandfather had scientific tastes to some degree. My grandmother's brother . . . . was a good amateur chemist and astronomer. He was a well-known leader of musical, and to some extent, of scientific society, at . . . ." (a)

(13) "A mathematical tendency, I think, led me first towards . . . . inquiry, to which I have been faithful ever since. Professional duties and civil engineering kept up a disposition to appreciate the material constituents of the world, and led, through surveying, in the direction of physical geography. The distinct origin of my desire to place myself among scientific students was the wonderful impression produced on me by the aspect of nature, as seen in the . . . . combined with what I may call the accident of my having been allowed to explore a part of it in an official capacity. Having thus made rather large botanical and geological collections,

I came to England with them, and while employed in arranging and distributing them, picked up a certain rather irregular and un-