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tem inculcated long prevented me giving my religious feelings and aspirations full sway."

Has had some deterrent e f ect.---1. " Cer

tainly the narrow . . . ism of early youth made me for a long time a timid thinker." 2. "To a certain extent, yes-not in philosophical research ; but I shrink from the disturbance of mind (not fear of ultimate consequences) which I know would follow diving into certain questions of the day, connected with early religious teachings." 3. "No; for some time it may have hindered me." 4. " It certainly would have had that tendency, though not that effect, if my researches had taken certain directions." 5. " Would have been so had I not fought against it." 6. " The `Biblical faith' prevented my getting good geological views for many years, by having set my thoughts in the old grooves, and thus limited them." 7. " I think not. I emancipated myself from dogmatic trammels early in life, but not without a struggle." 8. "After about ten years' careful consideration of the facts, called