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u.]   QUALITIES.   139

from the last section. The writer's reply to the question of which we are now speaking was a simple " no," and has been classified as such.]

The religious creed has had a good effect on freedom of research.-l. " None [i.e. no deterrent effect] ; rather the contrary." 2. "Oil the contrary." 3. " Quite the reverse." 4. " I think none whatever. I have had to overcome some prejudices, but my true religious life has been cognate with my scientific one, and the former has stimulated rather than crippled the latter." 5. " Certainly not ! On the contrary, it has had clearly the very best effect." 6. " Not a deterrent effect ; but it acted as a guide." 7. "Never deterred ; now acts as a direct stimulant, since it appears to me that the cultivation of a naturally-implanted intellectual tendency is a religious duty. . . . The most pernicious influence to which I was subjected was that arising from J. Stuart Mill. It took me a long time to work through the sensationalist, empirical philosophy, and to come out at the other side."   8. "No; but the scientific sys-