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I'.]   QUALITIES.   137

Indifference to dogma.-1. " Not in the slightest degree ; but the method of science has taught me not to put any confidence in creeds or dogmatic statements of any kind." [This correspondent is the tract distributor, &c., of (11) of those having "religious bias" in p. 133.]

Liberality of early religious teaching.-1. "None. The teaching was not severe or exclusive in any degree ; it was the ordinary teaching of the Church of England." 2. " My religious creed from infancy was that of freedom. I was not taught creed or dogma, and had therefore the great advantage of not having to fight my way out of darkness into light." 3. " I learnt no creed in my youth." 4. " I had no religious instruction at school." 5. " No ; freedom of thought was always made a part of the creed practically taught me." 6. " No religious creed was ever taught to me." 7. " None whatever. In fact, no creed was taught me." 8. " My religious freedom has enabled me to look every scientific question fairly in the face." 9. " There was no religious coercive education at home.