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None," with emphasis-12 cases. Examples -" None whatever ; " " not in the least; " " not in the slightest;" " decidedly not;" "certainly not." (3) " None," with various classes of reasons why it had not-14 cases. (4) Has had aa good and not a bad effect-S cases.

Further specimens of the first two groups " no," with or without emphasis, are needless ; but I will give extracts from the remainder, divided under convenient heads.

Ilace no dread of inquiry.-1. " I do not think so. At the time when I held strongly the

. . dogmatic system I never could apprehend any dread of the results of free inquiry." 2. " None whatever. Absolute and fearless faith in the truth." 3. " I was left free to choose my own religion, and believe that there is no real antagonism between revealed religion and the study of nature."

Rehgion and science have diferent s1.pher•es.1. " No ; it [religious creed] has no point of contact with chemistry."