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Dalton, the discoverer of the atomic theory, and Dr. Young, of the undulatory theory of light, were both Quakers, and that Faraday was a Sandemanian. So I find in these returns numerous cases of Quaker pedigree ; and I know of one man, not as yet technically on my list, who was born a Sandemanian. There are also representatives of several other small sects, as Moravians and Bible Christians, and the Unitarians are numerous. It will be understood that the object of saying this is not to throw light on the religious tendencies of the scientific men (concerning which I shall have almost immediately to speak), because so off hand a statement would mislead, but to prove that they and their parents had the habit of doing what they preferred, without considering the fashion of the day. The man of science is thoroughly independent in character.


There is a prevalent taste for mechanics among scientific men, whose peculiarity it is