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,ind advocate of religious liberty, a free-trader when the world was protectionist, and an opponent of unrighteous war when war was most popular. He was for mitigating our criminal code when hanging was regarded as the sheetanchor, and, in a word, was politically and socially a very independent spirit." 3. "My father [an exceedingly humane and courageous man, who was a master in the Royal Navy] would never, unless compelled, attend the flog

ging of seamen, a punishment mercilessly and unsparingly administered in his days .(1800IS 15). " 4. " It was marked in my father ; he held Jacobite opinions, when it was not very safe to hold them." 5. "Maintenance by my father of religious and political creeds at a time when these creeds were unpopular and often disqualifying."

In confirmation of the assertion that the scientific men were usually brought up in families characterized by independence of disposition, I would refer to the strange variety of small and unfashionable religious sects to which they or their parents belonged.   We all know that