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11.]   QUALITIES.   119

all about it. My engagements sometimes suffer . . . [from similar forgetfulness]."

4. " Memory very retentive in regard to incidents and events, but could never learn by rote except with great effort.. Often surprise my

patients by recollection of their symptoms, but am often at a loss to connect their names with their faces.

"Father=Memory remarkably retentive, especially as to the various events of his life and time."

5. "Memory very bad for dates and for learning by rote, but [extraordinarily] good in retaining a general or vague recollection of many facts.

"Father-Wonderful memory for dates ; in old age he told a person, reading aloud to him a book only once read in youth, the passages which were coming ; he knew the birthdays and those of the deaths, &c., of all his friends and acquaintances."

6. " A peculiar memory ; bad for names of