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Fitful and peculiar memory.

1. "Occasionally remarkable, but very fitful. I have occasionally been able to repeat pages after once or twice reading ; at other times it is below the average. A power of eliminating and retaining the salient points of what I read, if it interests me, but very bad memory for facts and details."

2. " Although I can speak for an hour or two from a few notes, I could not repeat correctly a few sentences from memory.

"Father--Remarkable for good verbal memory; could repeat pages of poetry and speeches, without mistake, a striking contrast to my own memory.

3. " My father and myself have memories of the same character ; treacherous in matters of business and very retentive of scraps of verse read over and learnt long ago. When my father was to have met me, a little boy returning from school at the end of the half, he would forget