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L F.]   Q UA LITIE8.   113

" 6. Great memory for figures ; can get up pages for examination before committees, and dismiss them from memory afterwards. Strong recollection of scenery."

7. " Very retentive memory, especially of acts, circumstances, and individuals."

8. " Never kept a diary ; clear remembrance of events in childhood with their dates in every year from the age of six onwards. Solve problems better out of doors than in the study. Can forget useless knowledge such as formulve, rules, gossip, &c., very fast."

9. " Bad memory for names and dates, but good as regards facts or circumstances ; principles in physical science are clearly retained.

" Father-Excellent memory for historical events, including dates and names in ancient and modern history. Mother - Moderately good."

Good mennury for. forum.

1. " Memory most treacherous except in certain respects. Vivid and generally very accurate as