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113   ENGLISH MEN OF SCIENCE.   [cler.

3. " My memory of things learnt early in life (as dates, rules, examples of grammar, &c.) very retentive, but of all isolated facts of subsequent occurrence, as the birthdays of my children, and the dates of events of my own life, I am singularly destitute of retentive power. On the other hand, of whatever is linked by rational association with any subject in which I take an interest, my memory is very good.

" Father-The power of his memory was shown by the great range of his acquirements ; he had greater power of remembering isolated facts than I have."

4. " I should say far above the average. I can now refer to note-books of 30 years past and select a special observation. In other words, it is a capital working memory. I never tried to learn pages of poetry, &c.; in this I should

probably have failed."

5. " Memory exceedingly strong and retentive, especially of dates, figures and events.

"Father and Mother-both had good memories."