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family is an interest in various branches of science joined to a capacity for official work and public action.

First generation.-Rev. Dr. Playfair, principal of the university of St. Andrews, author of a work on geography.

Second generation.-4 males and 3 females, of whom 3 males deserve notice:-(1) George Playfair, M.D., chief inspector-general of hospitals in Bengal ; he was the head of his profession in India, and author of various medical memoirs ; (2) Colonel Sir Hugh Lyon Playfair, who on his retirement front service pursued life of incessant activity in public improvement (numerous biographical notices were written of him soon after his death) ; (3) Colonel William Playfair, whose memory still lives in India as one of the most accomplished amateur actors.

There were two cousins in this generation, the one a very distinguished man, Professor Playfair, the celebrated mathematician, and author of the " Huttonian Theory," the other was Mr. Playfair, an architect of much eminence