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t.]   ANTECEDENTS.   55

vert to the Moravians, of which estimable sect he was a patriarch and a mainstay (Aikin's "History of Manchester").

Second generation.-3 males, 0 females ; 2 at least of whom deserve notice:-(I) Christian Ignatius Latrobe, author of the well known collection of sacred music ; (2) Benjamin Latrobe, architect and engineer in America.

Third generation.-7 males, 2 females, of whom 2 deserve especial notice :-(1) Charles Joseph Latrobe, governor of Victoria at the time of the gold discoveries ; author of a once extremely popular book on Switzerland, called the "Alpenstock," which was the precursor of Murray's handbooks and more generally diffused knowledge. Many others of this generation, who bear the Latrobe name, are gifted with the family characteristics. (2) John Frederick Bateman, F.R.S., distinguished engineer.

Fourth generation -(still young)-includes Colonel Osman Latrobe, who was chief of General Lee's staff in America at an early age.

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