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Cord, String, Thread.


twigs twisted together. Some seaweeds-the only English one of which I have heard is the common olive-green weed called Chorde Filum ; it looks like a whip-thong, and sometimes grows to a length of thirty or forty feet; when halfdried, the skin is taken off and twisted into fishing-lines, &c. Hay-bands; horsehair ropes, or even a few twisted hairs from the tail of a horse ; the stems of numerous plants afford fibres that are more or less effective substitutes for hemp, those that are used by the natives of the country visited should be noticed ; "Indian grass" is an animal substance attached to the ovaries of small sharks and some other fish of the same class.

In lashing things together with twigs, hay-bands, and the like, the way of securing the loose ends is riot by means of a knot, which usually causes them to break, but by twisting the ends together until they " kink." All faggots and trusses are secured in this way.

Sewing.-'Sewing Materials.-These are best carried in a linen bag ; they consist of sail needles, packed in a long box with cork wads at the ends, to preserve their points ; a sailor's palm; beeswax; twine ; awls ; bristles ; cobbler's wag ; large bodkin ; packing-needle ; ordinary sewing-needles ; tailor's thimble ; threads ; cottons ; silks ; buttons ; scissors ; and pins.

Stitches.-The enthusiastic traveller should be thoroughly grounded by a tailor in the rudiments of sewing and the most useful stitches. They are as follows:-To make a knot at the end of the thread ; to run ; to stitch ; to " sew;" to fell, or otherwise to make a double seam ; to herring-bone (essential for flannels) ; to hem; to sew over ; to bind ; to sew on a button; to make a button-hole; to darn; and to fine-draw. He should also practise taking patterns of some articles of clothing in paper, cutting them out in common materials and putting them together. He should take a lesson or two from a saddler, and several, when on board ship, from a sail-maker.

Needles, to make.-The natives of LTnyoro sew their beautifully prepared goat-skins in a wonderfully neat manner, with needles manufactured by themselves. " They make them not by boring the eye, but by sharpening the end into