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Hostilities.   319

Tying the Bands.-To tie a man's hands behind his back, take a handkerchief, it is the best thing ; failing that, a thin cord. It is necessary that its length should not be less than 2 feet, but 2 feet 6 inches is the right length ; for a double tie, it should be 3 feet 6 inches. Compel him to lay his hands as in the sketch, and, wrapping the

cord once (or twice if it be   - long enough) round the arms,

pretty tightly, pass the longest

end in between the arms as

shown in the figure, and tie quite tightly. If you are quick in tying the common "tom-fool's knot," well known

to every sailor, it is still better for the purpose. Put the prisoner's hands one within each loop, then draw tightly the running ends, and knot them together.