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Art of Travel.

and are made to run over a smoothed stone, or a log of wood.

A pole and bucket is a very convenient way of raising water from 4 to 12 feet. The bucket may be made of canvas, basket-work, leather, wood, or almost any other material ; leakage, though considerable, is of little consequence, because the action of the apparatus is so quick, that there is not time for much water to be lost. This contrivance is used over almost the whole globe-less in England than elsewhere ; it is very common where long poles can

easily be obtained, as in fir forests.

Pump.-An excellent and very simple pump is used by the Arabs in Algeria. A piece of leather or waxed canvas, is stretched round one or more hoops ; it forms a hollow cylinder, that admits of being shut flat like an accordion. The top and bottom of the cylinder are secured round the edges of two discs of wood. Holes are bored in these discs and leather valves are fitted to them. The lower disc is nailed to the bottom of a tub ; the hole in it corresponds with the feedpipe, and the valve that covers the hole opens upwards. The upper disc

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