Francis Galton Bibliography: Journal Articles
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Paper Heredity 1871 Experiments in pangenesis, by breeding from rabbits of a pure variety, into whose circulation blood taken from other varieties had previously been largely transfused. Annals and Magazine of Natural History 7 : 372-388
Report Geography 1871 Discussion on Dr. Kirk's Letters relating to the Progress of Dr. Livingstone Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society 15 (3, May 8) : 209
Report Psychology 1877 Study of Types of Character Mind 2 : 573
Report Geography 1879 Discussion on Geographical Evolution Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society 1 (7, March 24) : 443
Letter Misc. 1881 Burials in the Abbey. Pall Mall Gazette (December 27)
Paper Inventions 1883 Method of determining the distance and height of clouds and the direction and rate of their motions parallel to the earth's surface. Meteorological Council (April)
Report Heredity 1886 Chance and its bearing in heredity. Birmingham Daily Post (December 7)
Paper Personal Identification 1888 Personal Identification and Description [abstract] Medical Press and Circular xlv : 576
Personal Identification: Fingerprints 1891 Finger prints Knowledge
Paper Anthropometry 1894 L'Audition coloree et les phenomenes similaires Zeitschrift fur Ohrenheilkunde 25 : 342-3