Title: [Categories] galton.org [By Date] [By Journal] [By Category] Type:Journal:Year:Month:Day:Volume:Number:Pages:Summary:Category:ID: [Back] The CHAIRMAN (Mr. Francis Galton) said many thoughts must have occurred to the minds of the members in listening to Mr. Geikie's brilliant and lucid address. They must have felt regret that they did not possess pictures of typical geographical scenery that should be true to the eye of the geologist, and faithfully represent the fauna and flora of the country, and the chief physical aspects of nature. He would say more on the subject of the lecture, were it not that lie saw present several very distinguished geologists, including Mr. Evans, the recent President of the Geological Society. But he would content himself with calling upon the gentleman whose geological pupil Mr. Geikie originally was, and of whom in his public writings Mr. Geikie had uniformly spoken with the greatest respect, He alluded to Professor Ramsay, the successor of Sir Roderick Murchison as Director of the Geological Survey of England, and, he might be permitted to add, the President designate of the British Association for the year 1880. Discussion on Geographical Evolution Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society Report Author: Galton, Francis [Bib] Geography 1879 March 24 1 7 443 483 [Uncollected]