Title: [Categories] galton.org [By Date] [By Journal] [By Category] Type:Journal:Year:Month:Day:Volume:Number:Pages:Summary:PDF FacsimileCategory:ID: [Back] The CHAIRMAN (Mr. Francis Galton) congratulated Lieut. Seton-Karr on the opportunity he had had of exploring a country where the forces of nature were to be seen acting on a very large scale. The journey had evidently been performed under circumstances of great difficulty. We might expect a more detailed account in the narrative of his journey which be is about to publish. He experienced many difficulties which he has not mentioned in his paper, and on more than one occasion be was in peril of his life. It was to be hoped that Alaska would be further explored, and that fuller knowledge would be obtained of its most interesting characteristics. (Discussion on) The Alpine Regions of Alaska Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society Report Author: Galton, Francis [Bib] Geography 1887 March 14 9 (new series) 5 285 492 [Uncollected]