Title: [Categories] galton.org [By Date] [By Journal] [By Category] Type:Journal:Year:Month:Day:Volume:Number:Pages:Summary:PDF FacsimileCategory:ID: [Back] Mr. F. GALTON said that since the beginning of the present year there had been two very remarkable contributions to the mapping of those regions. The first was the publication of the first part of the long-promised map by Mr. Ravenstein, issued under the authority of the Science Committee of the Council of the Society. On that map was inscribed every fact that travellers in those parts had recorded. It was a wonderful illustration of Mr. Ravenstein's industry, and would be most useful to all African geographers. The other work to which he alluded was the relief map of Eastern Equatorial Africa exhibited at the present meeting, by Colonel Grant. It was calculated to give quite a new idea of the country, even to those who were well accustomed to the ordinary maps of the region. Manua Land (Discussion) Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society Report Author: Galton, Francis [Bib] Geography 1882 January 16 4 (new series) 2 88 484 [Uncollected]