Title: [Categories] galton.org [By Date] [By Journal] [By Category] Type:Journal:Year:Month:Day:Volume:Number:Pages:Summary:PDF FacsimileCategory:ID: [Back] Mr. F. GALTON asked if the Lake was widely known by the name of Mwuta `Nzige. Lieutenant CAMERON said the Arabs always spoke of it by that name. Mr. F. GALTON said if that was the case it seemed almost a pity that soo well-known a native name should he superseded on our maps. The PRESIDENT believed that all would agree in considering it very undesirable to change a native name; but the change had already been made, and it would now be difficult to alter it back again. (Discussion on) Circumnavigation of the Albert Nyanza Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society Report Author: Galton, Francis [Bib] Geography 1876 June 26 20 6 475 478 [Uncollected]