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342   Life and Letters of Francis Galton

It was indeed an impressive meeting, the last occasion on which the " Old Guard " of Darwinism answered to the roll-call. Galton and Hooker died in 1911, Strasburger in 1912, Wallace in 1913, Weismann in 1914, Haeckel in 1919 and Lankester in 1929.


MY DEAR FRANCIS GALTON, I have got back to my Yorkshire moors and their fresh air,if it be cold,-and I hope to do a good three months' work ! Let me have a line to say you were none the worse for the Darwin-Wallace Celebration, and I hope none the worse for this cold bout that has followed it.

I smelt the good smell of the turves and the bracken and the young heather and saw the first young grouse yesterday. The only grief is to come back after two years and find those one left hale now in the churchyard. When you know nearly the whole country-side, there are sure to be big gaps in the ranks. In London where one does not know even the names of one's neighbours within fifty yards of one's house, one does not get into touch with other folk's sorrows. I shall be here, if you write at any time, the whole holiday, except perhaps a couple of days to the South of the moors to see a tablet we have put up to my Father in his birthplace. Here we belong to those who have "gone over the moor," and have thus passed out of memory. As one of my ancestors of 1680 says in his will " Let my son Henry take my black mare and ride across the moor." That meant he was to go and seek his fortune south. My Father remembered as a boy the Quaker relatives from this Dale riding pillion with their wives across the moor, and stopping at his grandfather's house on their way to York Quarterly Meeting. That was his last touch with Danby. Four years ago I saw a farmer riding pillion with his wife over the moor on what is still called the " Quakers' Path." Four miles up on the moor is the solitary hut which used to be a meeting-house, whence Gregory Pearson was taken to York Gaol in- 1684, where he died. My other forebear, George Unthank, came back alone a year afterwards across the moor. You will understand why I like the smell of the moor.

Affectionately, K. P.

42, RUTLAND GATE, S.W. July 10, 1908.

MY DEAR KARL PEARSON, I delayed writing to get news, if any, from A. who came here the day before yesterday, and Heron yesterday, (both to dinner). That Eugenics Education Society seems really promising. The prospectus has been re-worded and members are coming in. Mrs Gotto is marvellous in her energy. I have been doing rather too much, with the usual penalty in consequence, of j of this day in bed, but no real harm. Next week I go into Oxfordshire and Worcester to a great nephew and to a niece respectively, and then back until August 1 when we go to a house in the neighbourhood of Petersfield for a month, whence I will write to you (with address of it).

You must feel like Antaeus, who was revived by touching his mother-earth. The Quaker associations must be at times almost overpowering, where you now are.

I expect the first batch of the proofs of my "Memories" every day. They have done all the little illustrations, and two portraits of me-that which you know well, and one from Furse's picture. I shall be glad when the book, index and all, is finally off my hands. I called at University College and found them at full work in the Eugenics Laboratory. I wish I could think of a good way of measuring the power of id Mrs Grundy," in some one important social usage. "The force of popular opinion" would be a good subject for an essay, if numerically assessed.

That Linnean Medal has been nicely mounted in an unpretentious little round wooden frame, with glass on both sides. What kind care you took of me that day,-Hooker had a large luncheon party on the morrow, none the worse for the ceremony !

Affectionately -yours, FRANCIS GALTON. WINSLEY HILL, DANBY, GROSMONT R.S.O., YORKSHIRE. July 16, 1908.

MY DEAR FRANCIS` GALTON, Thank you for your helpful suggestions and corrections about the Treasury circular. I think something might be done to gradually give a value to words in current use. I have endeavoured to do so in -the case of correlation, defining 11 high "'1 .00 to •75,

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