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Eugenics as a-Creed and the-,Last-Decade-of Galton's Life   343

"considerable" •75 to '50, "moderate" -50 to- 25 and "low" •25 to -00. I found writers were always speaking of "high," "moderate" or "low" relationship and I thought it worth while to make a start with more exactitude.

It is extremely good of you to undertake a "Butler" pedigree*. Can you do one of the " Pollocks " also ? The " Darwins are already done and we shall want ten at least for the first number. Can you think of any families that we -might look up in the Eugenics Office Records? We could put together two or three science ones from the Noteworthy Families. We want one or two "governmental" or "executive" families. .If you can -think of any names, -we will see if they are already done in the Laboratory Records.

Will you do -us another favour, i.e. write a page, or, if it must be, only half a page of preface to the first part? If the thing starts well, it will go on through the years, until it will be the great mine for searchers after nuggets of heredity, audit would be pleasant to think of a few lines from you starting what will be a great monument, I hope, of your inspiration. I am sending you back a prospectus (rough form) to be a slight guide as to the nature of the work. I am asking Professor Osler of Oxford to write me a few lines of appeal to the younger medical men to aid fromthat side. He is the one man before whom the profession bows down, and if he aids it will be a great gain. I, must not write more as I am rather invalided with a four days' attack of neuralgia. I got the doctor in to-day, but we have not yet succeeded in getting to the root of the trouble. Affectionately, KARL PEARSON.

[A leaf from a calendar was attached containing the words :]

July 13, Monday.   "Gather, then, each flower that grows, When the young heart overflows, To embalm that tent of snows t."


t Did any man of science ever write as wildly and carelessly as this famous poet? SHIRRELL HOUSE, SHEDFIELD, BOTLEY, HANTS. August 11, 1908.

MY DEAR KARL PEARSON, I long to know how you are faring, and that the neuralgia has ceased. All is abundantly right with myself ; moreover my publisher's men have been active and during the past week have sent me the whole - of my " Memories " in proof, which has occupied all my working hours to revise.- But this is done now. I had hoped to hear from you something more about the "Thesaurus," and, to see your circular which probably contains a-specimen of how you wanted biographies-drawn up-whether in respect to a single character or how far generally? In your letter and in the lithographed page I see no provision for symbolising school-boy or university success, obtained when the person has not completed his opportunities. Thus, how to symbolise a youth of much school promise, and who has gained an open scholarship, but is not old enough yet to compete for higher things. I have at least three such cases in the Butler family. The same kind of difficulty of classification may occur in other subjects. Thus.-11 not affected but still within the danger zone."

You ask about whom to apply to for the Inge, Buxton and other families. Ask Professor Inge himself. I can't recollect-his address (I think in Brookside) but "Cambridge"-would surely find him. The pedigree at the Eugenics Office was sent by him and he is very willing. Sir X. Y. would either do, or get the thing done, for his family. He has some near lady relative who is versed in pedigrees, but it would be awkward to address him about tuberculosis for instance. I fear the maladies of that family would be like skeletons in their cupboards. Both Sir Vernon Lushington and Sir Ed. Fry, heads of their respective families, would be likely to contribute.

You will probably have seen Crackanthorpe's letters to the -Times about the Feeble Minded Report, one on Friday and one to-day. I have not yet procured the Report itself but am writing for it to-day. (I read the Times extract of it.)

You will gather from the above that I have done nothing last week in respect to the proposed "send off" or to the Butler family. I have been working up to my full "strength

" Pedigrees of families distinguished for scholarly, literary or executive power were being compiled in the Eugenics Laboratory.

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