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Lehrjahre and Wanderjahre   127

will necessarily be much pleased with one of his class, more especially his prizeman, following up so good an opportunity of working at practical chemistry ; he will of course give me introductions to Liebig and will _take more interest in me. Liebig's season begins next week and ends Sept. 8th nearly, all which time I shall be with him. My going there will not interfere with my Forensic Medicine Examination. I am sure that it is the best thing that I can do. I shall not gain refinement most certainly-but will have every advantage possible for obtaining Chem. Knowledge, and will return as dirty and as clever as can reasonably be expected.

Your affectionate Son,


Glad very, about asthma.

In Captain Donellan's case you used to tell a story of a Mr Somebody who lent Capt. Donellan some book or other containing a description of the manufacture of laurel water, this book after the Capt.'s execution was found always to open in the place where the process was described. Please give me the names.

Attached to the neat account which followed next day, duly headed by the receipt for the last cheque, are a few lines in which Francis states that he should not have time to write to Liebig and wait for an answer, and that if Liebig cannot take him, what is he to do-" Go to Paris or to Switzerland?


The next letter from Spring Gardens acknowledges the receipt of a credit on Barclay and Co. for £100. Hodgson approved of the visit to Liebig. Francis is in his holiday mood

July 16, 1840.

You enjoin me not to smoke cigars. I will not, but I will buy a meerschaum with a pipe 4 feet and a half long, and with a bowl that will contain an ounce of Tobacco at a time. Shall I get one for you?

I have got my money changed into circular notes at Herries, Farquahar & Co. I land at Ostend, railroad Liege, diligence Aix and Cologne, steam Coblenz ; diligence or voiturier, if I must, to Giessen. Does not Bessy return to-day ? How is his worship the farmer at Claverdon getting on ?

Good bye.   Affectionate Son,


I will write again. Loves and all that sort of thing.

The last letter from the old environment is written on July 22, just before the start for Giessen



I am 2nd in Forensic Medicine. There is only 1 prize and so I get a Certificate of Honour. I am much vexed at not being first, but there was more competition than usual. One of the men (I am above him) got a Certificate of Honour

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